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About Us

TowBird is a web base information system that allows private wrecking companies and Government Agencies to upload license plate numbers of Motor Vehicles that they have towed. It also allow for the uploading of fees to be paid to retrieve motor Vehicle, location of Motor vehicle Storage, payment methods and other related information that the owner of the Vehicle may want to know before he or she retrieval. You are able to access Towbird on your mobile phone and other devices with internet connection.

TowBird is free for all to utilize and it is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. is available. It is all about your local towing companies and you. Towbird will offer more revolutionary service in short order therefore, you should get familiar with our programme.

TowBird allows private and government entities to freely register their entities through an established Pound Portal so that information can be feed to subscribers (The Public) so that information can be ascertain about the location of towed Motor Vehicle.

Once a Motor Vehicle owner recognized that their vehicle has been towed, a quick check on TowBird mobile App will able to assist with the full details of the towing company that has towed your Motor Vehicle.